Testimonial by Michelle Tuboda

Hey everyone, this is Michelle all the way from Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific.

I’d like to say a big big THANK YOU to my friend, mentor and online coach Marc Lalonde.

Two months ago I was skeptical about the idea of generating leads online.

I stumbled across one of Marc’s blog posts and thought if he can do it then I can too!

Little did I know that he would call me a few days later.

I was shocked that this total stranger from a 100 miles away cares about me and my business and how I can use easy step by step systems that change the way I thought about generating online leads.

Recently Marc did an online training on how to use twitter for your business.

After two hours of creating a banner and profile as Marc described in that training, I got my very first lead.

Two weeks later and I have 20 plus people following me every single day asking about my business.

What better way to achieve more in our businesses and our lives than ‘hang’ with the ‘millionaires’ and ‘masterminds’.

Marc is definitely one them and you and I can be that too!

Michelle Tuboda


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