Welcome to Sauna Talk

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/0DZrwwlyMKE

Final (edited) Episodes of “Sauna Talk” are numbered below, with the newest Episodes at the top:

  1. Episode 9: Work Your Butt Off NEW
  2. Episode 8: Let’s Film a Video Together NEW
  3. Episode 7: Awaken the Health Giant Within NEW
  4. Episode 6: Take the Wheel and Drive your Brain NEW
  5. Episode 5: You don’t have to see the Whole Staircase, just take the First Step NEW
  6. Episode 4: What was once Hard, becomes Beautiful
  7. Episode 3: I’m Never Going Back NEW
  8. Episode 2: Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body
  9. Episode 1: It’s Transformation Time