R.I.P. to my little Tia…

I realize that this is not a usual blog post, but in this case, because it has affected my response time to many of you, I’m making an exception.

The reason I have been “absent” for the past 2 days is because two days ago, I had to say goodbye to my 18 year-old partner in crime.

I had to put little Tia down because of sudden kidney failure.

I knew that I would be sad when this day came, but wow… it’s hitting me much harder than I would have ever imagined.

I know she’ll enjoy cat heaven.

Now back to business… I’m back at it today and will return all calls as quickly as I can.

Don’t forget that you can also personally reach out to me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/marcmlalonde (if you’re a cat lover and are curious, Tia’s picture is on my profile page).

Have an AWESOME Wednesday everyone!

Marc and Tia
Marc and Tia