Today’s Office Space

Here’s just a little peek at what my “office” will look like for a few hours today 😉

Happy ‪‎HUMPDAY‬ all y’all… and don’t forget to go out there and CRUSH it on this beautiful Wednesday!

Marc M. Lalonde (aka

Local Cell (Ottawa, Canada): 1-613-804-8474
Toll-free (North America): 1-844-426-8474

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P.S. I’m including a screenshot of the MLSP back-office leader boards, not to show-off, but simply to show you that I’ve climbed to these number one spots (while only being involved with MLSP for a couple of months). Also included on this page is my first video, where I bring you into my back-office and prove to you how many leads I generate, and how I can help you do the exact same thing.