MLSP March Member of the Month: Marc Lalonde aka The Wealthy Trainer

MLSP March Member of the Month: Marc Lalonde

Had a fun interview on Friday… thought I would share πŸ™‚

I just found out that I was selected as the MLSP Member of the Month for March 2015.

What is the MLSP Member of the Month (in MLSP’s words)?

“The MLSP Member of the Month is a very prestigious recognition.”

“MLSP has literally thousands of the most talented Network Marketers and Internet Marketers across the Globe who are achieving very Real Results with their businesses, most of which are seeing profit for the first time EVER thanks to the unlimited potential the MLSP platform provides.”

“The MLSP Member of the Month is an MLSP leader who has achieved phenomenal results over the last 30 days… their business has grown dramatically, they have seen a huge spike in traffic and leads, they are signing up members like clockwork, they are profiting from the valuable affiliate programs in MLSP, and most importantly they are building their primary companies effortlessly on the back-end because they have increased their VALUE embracing and implementing the MLSP principles. They have earned this honorable recognition by taking massive ACTION, taking an ACTIVE LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE MLSP COMMUNITY, mentoring their new MLSP members to success, and because of their relentlessness and commitment to greatness they are now seeing the fruits of their labor pay off in a very big way.”

Wow, right?

Super honored and proud at the same time!

Hope you like the interview!

Marc M. Lalonde, The Wealthy Trainer

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