Episode 13 – How many MLMs should you be doing at ONCE? – Online Network Marketing Training Tip

The #AskLalonde Show Episode 13 – Online Network Marketing Training Tip:

I used to think I knew this answer… but I was WRONG!

I used to be what many people call “The Trench Coat Guy” and was part of so many Network Marketing Companies at once, that I often forgot which ones I was even with, when someone would ask.

There were just too many.

If someone liked to Travel, I would say… I have the PERFECT Travel Business Opportunity for you!

If someone was into Wellness, I would say… I have the PERFECT Health and Wellness Business Opportunity for you!

If someone kept talking about their “Skin Regime”, I would say… I have the PERFECT Skin Care Business Opportunity for you!

If someone loved their Coffee, I would say… I have the PERFECT Coffee Business Opportunity for you!

From Greeting Cards, to Miracle Juices and even Gut Wraps… I was part of them all!

You get the picture right?

There was even a time where I was involved in SIX Network Marketing Companies at ONCE… yes, you heard my right… SIX!

So what have I discovered throughout this journey of multiple companies?

Tune into this Episode of The #AskLalonde Show for my Lessons Learned and my STRONG opinion on this topic!

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