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Testimonial by Vitaliy Dubinin

There are very few people in our industry who are able to generate well over 100 leads per day without doing any paid advertising and sign up 1 new person per day into an opportunity like Marc does, he has mastered the 2 critical skills online – lead generation and the art of follow up.

Marc is genius at marketing on twitter and I keep learning a lot from him and how he does his magic on twitter.

If you have a chance to be coached by Marc, grab this opportunity and you’ll be glad you did.

Vitaliy Dubinin

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Testimonial by Jelena Ostrovska

I wanna give a HUGE shoutout to my friend and mentor Marc Lalonde for conducting two of the most incredible trainings that I’ve ever had a chance to attend and learn from.

He shared exactly what he does on Twitter to generate upwards of 100 Leads per day and the power of CRM that allows him to recruit 1 rep per day into his Primary Business Opportunity.

If you haven’t followed Marc, you definitely should!

His trainings are some of the most comprehensive and the strategies are easy to apply.

Jelena Ostrovska

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Testimonial by Bob Fernicola

A thank you to Marc Lalonde, since I created a new banner for my twitter account, the past 24 hours I have gotten about 4 to 5 followers per hour and I only tweeted a post once.

I have never seen this many emails in a 24 hour period so I guess it really is important to make you twitter account look professional.

Bob Fernicola

Bob Fernicola
Bob Fernicola

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Testimonial by Chris Kelley

Marc has been generating over 100 leads per day utilizing the tools inside of My Lead System Pro.

In order to keep track of all those leads he also put together an organized system using MLSP’s included CRM system.

Chris Kelley

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Testimonial by Lisa Thompson

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Marc M. Lalonde who has helped me grow laser targeted followers on Twitter – who are eagerly giving me their phone numbers to talk to them about my product and opportunity.

If you are not following him you should!

Lisa Thompson

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Testimonial by Marc M. Lalonde

MLSP Review and Testimonial by Marc M. Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer)

What has MLSP done for me?

Okay, MLSP has done so much for me so far (and I’m just getting warmed up) that I would be here for hours listing off benefits.

So I’ll give a simple answer…

MLSP turned me into a magnet.

People are now coming to me daily for help.

Whether it’s to generate leads, or for more information on a business opportunity; they are coming to ME… DAILY!

How many people do you think came to me before MLSP?


Even though I’ve only been part of the MLSP community for about 5 months now, I feel like I’m at home here.

Now, instead of me going on… and on… and on… and on… about…

  • How I no longer have to harass (I mean approach), my Family & Friends, or Warm Market… BECAUSE I DON’T!
  • Or how I generate targeted leads every day and every night, even when I’m sleeping… BECAUSE I DO!
  • Or how MLSP has completely changed my business and my entire life… BECAUSE IT HAS!

I’ll tell you this…

There are only THREE possible ways that I can think of, to bring new people into your business…

  1. Number One: Approach your Warm Market.
  2. Number Two: Approach your Cold Market.
  3. Number THREE: Generate Leads (which are basically people approaching you).

I choose number THREE.

Check out the MLSP Video

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